Generative growth


This project presents results of my recent researches in domain of generative constructions, that are
‘bred’ with use of artificial intelligence. Structures shown here have been created by programs
acting as ‘virtual playground’, in which all real world properties have been recreated (gravity and
other external world circumstances influencing general shape of the construction). It mainly relates
to ‘phototropic’ growth, which develops object in direction of light source and opposite to this of
gravitational force. Additionally few other rules have been implemented, for example constructions
automatically entwine already existing elements of virtual world (boxes), and constantly optimize
themselves ; in cases where material and connections are placed disproportionally, nodes are moved
to where more material is needed to transfer forces. Nodes keep nearly equal distances between,
which makes construction consist of quite proportional tetrahedrons. Usually after few
minutes of simulation the object comes to stable state , and may be exported to other modelling applications for further processing.

The cubes are thought of as framework for residential units. Interior of triangulated constructions is
used as winter gardens for the flats, and communal or recreational spaces. Volumes encompassed
by triangles underneath the boxes, contain staircases and transparent lifts. In some parts, they also
act as 'chimneys' for natural ventilation.

This is just additional bit of information to my previous work on emergent structures, that can be found  here 




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