Welcome to my website. This is primarily a place acting as a repository of my old works, that somehow managed to survive in the form of a wordpress website 🙂 feel free to explore and get inspired, or send me some feedback if you feel like it.

I am currently working as a CTO of MX Labs, a company devoted to bringing accessible and affordable healthcare tools to your mobile phone using computer vision and artificial intelligence. Previously I created and have been a CEO of ZMorph, a company manufacturing 3d printers that I designed, where I managed hardware R&D, manufacturing process and Voxelizer software development. In between I co-created Lekkowear, a brand of innovative anti-smog accessories, including pocket-sized IoT mobile air quality sensor and breating sensor.

My main area of expertise is entrepreneurship, innovation fostering, especially in areas of 3D design (I am an architect by training, I’ve been a part of Specialist Modelling Group at Foster+Partners in London for several years). I also do software development (c++, Processing, Java, web), mostly  for creative coding and prototyping, also as a way to communicate computational ideas faster to coding team. I managed numerous IoT projects too.

I’ve been an academic teacher too, teaching parametric design and programming classes at Adaptive Architecture and Computation, UCL, London, Faculty of Architecture at PWr Wrocław, as well as workshop tutor at Smart Geometry and in few other places.

In my free time I am interested in innovative technologies, interactive art, self development and sports.

Contact me if you need a mentor, teacher, public speaker or if you feel lost when building your tech business. Nothing is impossible if you know what you want to achieve 🙂