Here you can view some of my projects from the past

parametric pavilion 2012 at TU Wroclaw Nowy Targ Square – Wrocław, architectural competition redefining urban public space and proposing new organic pavillion as part of development.
Hexagonal panelization of facade/roof structure Organic deployable prototype of bank kiosk (interior)
parametric interactive wall in Warsaw (3d printing) Ecomorphic furniture
SX160pxthumb 3d printer design, based on RepRap construction, but with different frame and major plastic parts. Designed for usability, durability and ergonomy, serves as rapid prototyping aid for every designer. Parametric seating project, generative components at it’s best 🙂
Voxel Shelf – generative micro structure based on 3D model of a shelf. Generative phototropic structural trees, ‘bred’ as self emerging self-triangulating organisms. Here used as a support for units of residential blocks.
Tangible table design, made with Microsoft Kinect sensor and openFrameworks libraries. Allows realtime interaction with colors and user interface. Interactive
urban table using tangible objects to enable manipulation with buildings
(which changes pedestrian simulation flow)