Smart Geometry Copenhagen – Interacting with Cities

Przemek Jaworski was tutoring a 4-day workshop during Smart Geometry 2011 Copenhagen conference. Workshop was mainly focused on parametric and generative techniques in context of urban design, and multi-touch, multi-user collaboration. 6 tangible tables were built during the event, 4 of them powered by Kinect sensors, two by hacked PS3 cameras (for multitouch surfaces). Effects can be seen below:

SmartGeometry2011 – Interacting with Cities from Rafael Roa on Vimeo.

More information about the projects is here.

Grafik cover video

Very recently I was involved in writing Processing program, that was supposed to generate graphics for front cover of ‘Grafik’ magazine. Actually, the program was used on entire issue, producing vector fields from page context – images and text blocks, but most interesting part is dynamic flow.
In this collaboration with computational designer Jonathan Rabagliati, we overlayed particle system on top of generated vector field, creating network of ‘flows’, moving through page context. Some of the agents, in dense neighbourhoods start releasing ‘trails’ wandering through screen, omitting obstacles and trying to find their best way.

dynamic flow

Process is illustrated in this video :

result may be seen on the cover of June 2009 issue.